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Multiple local and international payments can be an administrative hassle for businesses, whether that is executing 10 payments per day or 10,000. Executing these payments is time consuming and unproductive, not to mention when payments are held up or things go wrong.

Our technology takes care of this and we add the customer service along with it. Our global payment network uses the most direct rails available and our technology provides seamless execution. This means a business can simply send or upload a payments file and we will take care of the rest. When there is additional information needed for compliance purposes, we will come back to you with the final pieces of information that we need only once to avoid back-and forth. Once each beneficiary is set up it will remain set up for seamless future execution. 

We believe that our services in this area significantly reduce time, cost and opportunity cost for our clients and it completes our end to end FX and Payments capabilities.

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