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The FinTech sector is rapidly evolving and payment technology is at the heart of it. This presents an opportunity to Jackson Swiss as we remain impartial to any specific payment system and remain at the forefront of the payment evolution through consistent research and adaptability. As better payment technology spawns we are able to adopt it and integrate our service with it whereas large banks and brokers may need to rebuild their entire technology stack to do so.


There is generally an API for any technology that is new and innovative and as a result the dated technology at large banks and institutions needs to be replaced on a large scale. This is not a cost-effective operation and presents an opportunity for younger businesses. 

Our technology allows for both Mass and Micro-Payments at the click of a button and payments can be seamlessly integrated via API at the front-end with the confidence that our payment technology is specifically built to find the most direct Payment Rails at the back-end.

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